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Transport and Death Repatriation

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Transport of Deceaced Abroad ( Repatriation) from and to his country – ratal payment Low prices. The Death of a one you loved is a very difficult time. Besides being filled with pain and sorrow, there are a bunch of formalities that relatives of the deceased should take care of. Funeral Agency Haron is here to release the load on your shoulders. We perform an express repatriation of remains from anywhere in the world. Our professional agents will take care of everything so you may honor the memory of the deceased in his Country .

FREE CONSULTATION !!! Phone 00359/(0)700 16 601 or 00359/0895 09 02 70 – free advice and consultation , what to do if someone close dies outside of Bulgaria 

Repatriation of a deceased person from anywhere in the world by Air

In the event that your relative or close dies in a Country outside Europe , We from funeral agency Haron are organizing and preparing all the necessary for carrying out the repatriation of the remains of deceased by Air. Our professional agents will carry out the preparation of the remains from the loading place also: embalming and placement of the deceased in a special container with integrated zinc (metal coffin), preparing the required set of documents for the competent authorities.

Special Funeral ground transportation of deceased from and to Eastern and Western Europe

If your relative or family member has died in a country within Europe ,funeral agency Haron will assist you in preparing all the necessary documentation needed for the transportation of the remains of deceased to anywhere in Bulgaria. We have a fleet of specialized vehicles for repatriation of remains from all over Europe at affordable prices. FREE CONSULTATION !!! In difficult times, you may trust us, Funeral Services Haron. Our experienced professionals will provide you with the support and care that you need. Contact us and we will do everything necessary to transport your relative or close to his home region. Please accept from Funeral Services Haron Our sincere condolence at this tragic for you moment of life. Contacts: 00359(0)700 16 601 ; 00359 895/09 02 70

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